Mustache Wine Glasses – DIY

One of my best friends just had a birthday, but he is one of those people who has EVERYTHING.

So for a few days I racked my brain to find the perfect gift – then it hit me! “Mustache wine glasses!” (since he is an avid wine-o)

This is an adorable gift, and budget friendly – which we ALL LOVE!

You will need:

ImageWine glasses (of course)


Rubbing Alcohol

Cotton Pads

Stencil/Print out


Step 1:

Tape the design to the inside of the glass.


Step 2:

Clean the outside of the glass. (Where you will be drawing)


Step 3:

After the alcohol has completely dried, start drawing on the mustache until you’re happy with the results.

Step 4:

Put in the oven to cure the ink to the glass. Bake on 325* for about 20-30 minuets.


Ta-da, you’re done!


This was such a cute and fun gift to make! The best part is they sell these wine glasses at the Dollar Tree, and they’re heavy glass. My wife and I loved them so much we’re even making our own to keep. 😉


6 thoughts on “Mustache Wine Glasses – DIY

    • Hi Sally,
      I just used a regular permanent Sharpie maker (w/ the silver tube). A paint sharpie could work too, just not oil. The rubbing alcohol and baking helps “set” the paint so it should make for a longer lasting design on your glassware. Good luck!

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