Knife Block Makeover: DIY

I know, I know – I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while… anyway, I’ve been very busy and that means more projects to share with you all!

Just to touch base again I’d like to share another DIY project: Knife block revamping.

Within minuets you can have a “brand new” knife set for almost free!


From this:


To this:


How I got this look:

First I taped the knife blades and stuck them into the ground. Then I gave a few coats of paint to them, using Rust-Oleum Painters Touch in Satin “Green Apple”.  Takes about 10 minuets for them to completely dry, and during that time I moved onto the knife block.

For the block I made a chalkboard paint in teal. For that process I used about 2tsb of Plaster of Paris for 1 cup of paint. (I didn’t have the exact color so I mixed colors till I got the desired shade. NOTE: royal blue, bright green, dark green.) Once the paint was a nice mixture with the plaster I applied 2-3 coats to the entire knife block.

Let it dry completely and viola, you have a new knife set!



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