Spring Clean your Washing Machine

Have you ever noticed that over time  and use your clothes don’t seem to be as clean as you’d like them to be? Most of us don’t think to “wash” our washing machine, but it really is one of those things that needs to be done every 6-8 months.  Here is a step by step process on how.


Things you’ll need:

1 cup of Bleach

1 cup of Vinegar



Step 1

First things first, fill the machine with hot water on the largest setting.

Step 2

Pour the bleach and vinegar into the water. (I put about  1/2 cup more of each liquid, for an extra clean.)


Step 3

Let it agitate for about a minuet and let it set for about and hour.

Step 4

While playing the “waiting game”, wipe down the rest of the machine and remove the softener dispenser.  I used a dab of the mixture already in the washer as a cleaning agent. As for the dispenser you’ll want to scrub that as best you can. (I put mine in the dish washer after scrubbing, to rid any residue left over.)

Inside the washer- Yuck!

Inside the washer- Yuck!

Softener Component-  before it's bath

Softener Component- before it’s bath


Step 5

Let the washer run the complete cycle and put the softener component back afterwards.  Now you’re all done and that baby looks like new again- and so will your laundry!  😉

Nice and clean

Nice and clean





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