DIY Sugar Scrub (tutorial)

I recently gathered a recipe for a homemade brown sugar scrub, with products you already have in your pantry!

Here is what you’ll need:


Olive Oil/Vegetable Oil

Vanilla Extract (optional – but it smells yummy!)

Brown Sugar

White Sugar

Sifter (optional – Makes the chucks of brown sugar easier to manage)


Jar – I used an 8 oz canning jar I had left over from Jelly Bellies – jams n jellies (will be available on Etsy soon).

Bowl (I used a large measuring cup, which made it A LOT easier to get the perfect amounts.)

Step 1

Add the sugars to the bowl at about a 1:1 ratio. I sifted the sugars into the bowl to help with the larger clumps in the brown sugar.

Inside the sifter

Step 2

After you’ve put your sugars into your jar, add your oil. It will saturate the mixture.

Oil soaking it’s way through the sugars

Step 3

Stir it until its at the constancy you like. ( Now is a good time to add the vanilla extract or essential oil for that extra KICK of fragrance.)

Mixed up and ready to go!


Step 4

Clean up the jar and add your lid.

Step 5

Decorate and enjoy!