Knife Block Makeover: DIY

I know, I know – I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while… anyway, I’ve been very busy and that means more projects to share with you all! Just to touch base again I’d like to share another DIY project: … Continue reading

Quick Idea to Spruce up any Boring Room

Are you sick of the same old look in your family room or bedroom? The solution is simple, SPRAY PAINT!
Here’s the thing, our living room felt like it was drowning in tacky. Nothing had any sense of flow or class for that matter.  I finally got sick of the lack of cute going on in here so I ran down to the local Home Depot and purchased a can of Rust-oleum Painters Touch spray paint, in satin “Lagoon”.  Cost about 4 bucks!

Since we are renters we cant just go around painting the walls. I figured a great solution is painting the furniture – in this case a random lamp.

Here is what we were working with

This little project only took about 10 minuets tops!  Here is the finished product

Have fun making something old into something new and fun!