DIY: Homemade Dishwasher Soap

This is a SUPER EASY recipe for a natural homemade dishwasher soap.


1 cup washing soda

1 cup borax

2 packs of lemonade FlavorAid ((no sugar)


Use 1 tbs per load and white vinegar as a rinse aid. (The vinegar, also helps with the gross mildew smell that washing units develop over time.)


This was the fastest mix I’ve ever made, seriously 2 minuets- max! This works so much better than the leading store bought soaps and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper! I was really skeptical at first but it smells great and most of all it works FANTASTIC too. If you wanted you could even add in a few drops of essential oil for a touch more of fragrance.

Overall I would say this cost about 7 dollars for the supplies and made roughly 35 loads (about 2qts).
If you do that math (I’m awful at math) this batch costs around .05 cents per load. Talk about savings! I  even had PLENTY of supplies left over.


How to Properly Clean Plugs (Tutorial)

Lets face it, if you have gauged ears then I’m sure you know all about that awful smell!

Finally I’ve found a super SIMPLE solution to banish that grossness for good!



Rubbing Alcohol


Tap Water

Antibacterial Soap

In a small dish add one part warm/hot water, one part rubbing alcohol, and 1-2 drops of soap. Swish it around and use the solution to thoroughly clean your ear holes. Then add your plugs. Let it soak for about 10-15 minuets.


After you’ve waited your 10-15 minuets, you’re ready to put your “smell good” plugs back in! (Make sure you dry the jewelry completely, to avoid the mildew smell.)