DIY: Glitter Mason Jars

Need an inexpensive Valentine’s day centerpiece? Do you have extra mason jars lying around? Why not put them to use. Supplies: Vinyl shelf liner/stencil Glitter 4 jars Polyurethane  (I’ve seen floor wax used as a replacement, but I’m not too … Continue reading

Knife Block Makeover: DIY

I know, I know – I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while… anyway, I’ve been very busy and that means more projects to share with you all! Just to touch base again I’d like to share another DIY project: … Continue reading

Bedside Table Transformation


Finished Tables

My bedroom makeover is slowly but surely coming along nicely. I went with teal, celery, and white as my palette because I wanted something fun, but still light. I find adding fun colors is the best way to give a tiny room a bright and airy feel.

I originally started with plain white tables, that I glued wood decals on to give it character. You can purchase these at your local craft or hardware store for only a few bucks!

Here is what they looked like before the makeover:


A bit plain, but they sure did have potential!

Remember– If you want to eliminate the sanding process use paint with primer in it. Home Depot carries a really good paint with primer that really does the trick. Costs about 25 bucks for a gallon, and boy does it go a long way! I’ve painted dark furniture with it and it goes on with no fuss and with a maximum of two coats.

Another rule of thumb, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t forget your polyurethane varnish as the top coat! I’d have to say that is the most important part to painting furniture that will have a lot of contact- especially tables!

Recommend using a water based, high gloss in clear (to avoid yellowing).

Happy DIYing!

How to Properly Clean Plugs (Tutorial)

Lets face it, if you have gauged ears then I’m sure you know all about that awful smell!

Finally I’ve found a super SIMPLE solution to banish that grossness for good!



Rubbing Alcohol


Tap Water

Antibacterial Soap

In a small dish add one part warm/hot water, one part rubbing alcohol, and 1-2 drops of soap. Swish it around and use the solution to thoroughly clean your ear holes. Then add your plugs. Let it soak for about 10-15 minuets.


After you’ve waited your 10-15 minuets, you’re ready to put your “smell good” plugs back in! (Make sure you dry the jewelry completely, to avoid the mildew smell.)

From Drab to FAB!

We had an old rustic corner cabinet built from cedar planks.When we first got it, lets just say it wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world. It was unsanded, black and drab!

If you’re limited on space but have an unused corner, why not put some adorable storage there?

We took this little baby from this:

During the first coat of paint.

To this:

Finished product! ^_^

You will need:

Paint w/ Primer (of your choice)


Drop cloth/ an old sheet

Decal (of your choice)

This was a simple project and didn’t take a million years to complete!  Just a few coats of paint (we used the paint with primer already in it, will save you so much time from sanding!). Including drying time I’d say it took us about 3 hours. If you decide to try this don’t forget to let the paint set at least a day or two before putting anything on it. Don’t want any chipping now do we?

The star was already built into the cabinet but they sell metal and wood adornments for only a few bucks at the local hardware or craft store. So, you can customize your cabinet to your style.

Happy decorating!

Quick Idea to Spruce up any Boring Room

Are you sick of the same old look in your family room or bedroom? The solution is simple, SPRAY PAINT!
Here’s the thing, our living room felt like it was drowning in tacky. Nothing had any sense of flow or class for that matter.  I finally got sick of the lack of cute going on in here so I ran down to the local Home Depot and purchased a can of Rust-oleum Painters Touch spray paint, in satin “Lagoon”.  Cost about 4 bucks!

Since we are renters we cant just go around painting the walls. I figured a great solution is painting the furniture – in this case a random lamp.

Here is what we were working with

This little project only took about 10 minuets tops!  Here is the finished product

Have fun making something old into something new and fun!