Vintage Valentine’s Day Sign

I was in an antique shop the a few days ago and saw an old wooden sign for 50 bucks!

I just had to have it, but I was not about to pay 50 dollars for it. So I made one!

Here is what you’ll need:


1 piece of scrap wood ( I used a piece of pallet wood)


Print out of whatever phrase/word you’d like


Small cup of water

Jewelry wire

Step One:

Position the paper on the wood, where it is most appealing to you.

Step Two:

Dip the cloth in the water and gently wipe it across the print out. Do this until you have a faint outline transferred onto the wood.


Step Three:

Now the you have an outline fill it in with the sharpie, until it is to your liking.


Partially outlined

Step Four (optional):

Hammer a couple holes in the sides and loop the wire in them to create a hanging sign.


I added a couple of heart stickers to it from the dollar store.


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